Penguins, Babies and Belts. Oh my!

As promised, here are photos of cakes made for events this past weekend. I told you about the Penguin cake. I did NOT tell you about the belt cake. It was a surprise so it was very hush-hush.

The Penguin cake was for a 1st birthday celebration so there was a mini cake for little Natali, the guest of honor. There was also a sheet cake for the rest of the guests to enjoy. For these cakes I used the Vanilla frosting recipe I shared with you as the recipe of the month!

Here is one photo... to see the rest from this set, visit the COTS - photo gallery!

But what was the Belt Cake, you ask? For a friend's birthday, I made a personal birthday cake. Because no outfit is complete without a skinny belt, I figure neither would her cake be unless it too was covered in...

skinny patent leather belts - of course! 

What's next on the agenda?? A horse's head. And no, it's not a Godfather tribute!


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