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I thought I'd share with you all some of my favorite stops both locally and online. These sites are a great inspiration to me for their beautiful and technical skill and/or fun products that make me want to make FUN things. I highly recommend you check out these people and places for yourselves!

If you're not a 'fancy' cake baker/decorator, I still encourage you to check out these links because you can still benefit from them. I promise!

  1. The Caketress - A Toronto cake artist who creates such BEAUTIFUL and different cakes. She uses fashion and design as inspiration with is my FAVORITE. Love Love. :)
  2. Cake Power - Cakes by Kate Sullivan. She is INCREDIBLE cake artist uses a lot of my othe favorite thing... Illustration. Her cakes are incredibly detailed and creative but also have a strong illustrative quality which I find fascinating.
  3. Bakerella - Ok. Can I just say, she doesn't SELL the stuff she makes? She just does this for fun out of her house. But don't worry. Now she's making $$ because she put all of her awesome ideas in a book: Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats. She gives you GREAT baking ideas, even if you're not an advanced baker.
  4. Cake Journal - Fabulous site for recipes, tutorials, photos. Great if you want to teach yourself some slightly more advanced tricks from their Tutorials section.
  5. Happy Hostess House - This is my go-to Columbus cake/baking supply shop. It's out by the airport and it's wonderful. If you bake ANYTHING and you are in Cbus, you should go here. It's great because it's organized and helpful. I love Cake Craft Co. (the other CBUS supply shop) but it's not as organized/helpful... so this is my preferred stop.
  6. Bake It Pretty  - Again another wonderful spot to get supplies and inspire you, even if you're not an advanced baker/decorator. SUCH cute accessories for your baked goods, by the time you're finished using them, no one will know you're not 'advanced'. 
Ok, now go! Browse away!


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