Recently I had the pleasure of making this beautiful, Fall-inspired wedding cake for Gina and Jake, a lovely couple. Their gorgeous fall wedding was accompanied by this five-tiered white wedding cake with fondant fall leaves and navy spacers for extra drama. 

I made the leaves by coloring fondant with added Tylose powder and pressing it into leave molds. From there, I positioned them to dry overnight and added various color dusts overtop to enhance the veining detail. See below for links on the molds and color dusts.

Congratulations Gina & Jake!

A five tier cake with spacers, and fall leaves made of gum paste. Want to know a money saving tip for your cake?? Use dummy cakes for half of your display cake and keep sheet cakes in the back! 

Interested in getting your hands on some of the products it took to make this cake?

The leaf molds I used for these leaves can be found here.

And, as for the color used on the leaves, I used CK Products dusting powders in combination with edible color food spray. Both of which you can find locally at Happy Hostess House, or online, here.

Happy Baking!



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