Sad Day In Cake Land

Cakegirls cake shop in Chicago has been destroyed by a fire.
Some of you may be familiar with Cakegirls, a bakery which has gained notoriety through various reality t.v. appearances, including Food Network Challenges and "Amazing Cakes" on WE t.v.

They make beautiful, modern cakes. Tonight, I was headed to their site for some cake-inspiration and once their page loaded, I was hit with this,
Dear Cakegirls Clients, Friends and Family,
For those of you who don't know, today was a very sad day for all of us at Cakegirls. Our business fell victim to a fire from an above apartment...
Right now we are just trying to make sense of this tragedy and figure out how to proceed...
To read full message from Cakegirls, visit their web page. 
For more information, photos of damage and quotes from the Cakegirls, view this article. 


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