I've hit the jackpot! FINALLY! Not monetarily speaking of course. I don't have that kind of luck. BUT, I've FINALLY found some GREAT online cake decorating, tip and product websites. I know... I'm a dork. But here's the deal: This blog ain't all that and I know it. But that is going to change!

I'm building this thing so that is will have a lot to offer to anyone who may happen to (un)fortunately stumble upon it. To get to this point, every night I hunt around on the web, leaning on every Key Word I can to help direct me to decent, informative sites that I can then later share with you. (Believe me, they're hard to find). But alas... tonight I must have stumbled onto just the right key words to guide me to just the right "links" and "favorite pages" of others. I'm so excited (too excited)!

So, for now I will share with you a sample of my findings and know that in time, you will come to see a whole lot more!

If you're not really into the whole kit and caboodle of cake-decorating, but enjoy a cute dessert and display with the rest of them, then you HAVE to check out these great cupcake wrappers. I'm not going to lie, they are a little pricey. Of course they are - they're cute and different. But, if you are using one of those $2 cake mixes... that should leave room in the budget for these. They are so cute, so different  and an easy way to add big impact for your little desserts.

Just remember, THESE wrappers do NOT go in the oven. THESE wrappers you slip the cupcakes into AFTER. ;)

Check out all the other great designs, including special "Happy Birthday" ones at Bake It Pretty.


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