Have You Heard The Word?

Have you heard the word? There is now a Cricut Cake!
In case you are unfamiliar with a Cricut, it is a fancy-shmancy die-cut machine. It is TO DIE FOR if you are of the scrapbooking  variety. I first became aware of the infamous Cricut through my former (wonderful) roommate, Miss Sarah Calvin. She is a supreme crafter, card-maker extraordinaire. And it is she, who has introduced me to the Cricut Cake! The die-cut machine now designed to deal with gum-paste and fondant! 

The cricut cake (seen at top) separately sells kits that come with elegant wedding stencils, birthday stencils, tool kits, replacement blades... the works! You just insert the desired stencil, and tell the machine what size to scale the cut to.

In addition to the specialized cake-related stencils, the hundreds of original cricut stencils work for the cake version also! With something like this, you could whip out elaborate, detailed shapes in no time to get very cute, original cakes, like the example below.

Interested in purchasing one of this handy-dandy doo-dads?? Check out the COTS store, where you can now buy them from my amazon shop.


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