How to make your fondant stiff...

Fondant is great to use for decorative purposes, but it is a little tricky because it never gets very stiff the way the gum paste does. If you are working with fondant and you need your piece to dry and become hard, the best way to do this is to add Tylose Powder to your fondant. Ideally, gum paste is best for more sculptural decorative purposes... but if you don't have it, this is a good quick and easy alternative! So, keep some in your cupboards!

Tylose Powder is less expensive than most gums on the market however it can be tough to locate, so I recommend buying it online. Through the internet, you can find it at some of the specialty cake supply stores but not at Micheals or Joanns. Tylose powder is a fine powder you can work into fondant to make a really quick transition to gumpaste.

To create a quick gumpaste with fondant just Add 1 -3 tsp of Tylose powder to 1lb of fondant. Dry humidity areas use less Tylose – High humidity areas use more Tylose. Knead it in very well to your fondant. 

If you don't need a pound of fondant to work with, just add a little bit of the tylose powder at a time, until you get more of the gummy paste texture that you are looking for. 

With this, you will be able to do this like create bows, figures    and flowers out of fondant... that you would not otherwise be able to do!

Happy Baking!


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