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(Sorry I'm getting this out in the p.m., it's been a hectic day!) On this week's Tip O' The Week, let's talk about stacking cakes, shall we? If you are doing a multi-tiered cake, each cake tier needs internal support so the cakes don't collapse in on themselves. With an internal support system in place each tier, the cakes are not ACTUALLY resting on each other, but resting JUST ABOVE each other, on these supports. 

There are several methods for doing supporting your cakes. My preferred method??

Bubble Tea Straws are great because they are lightweight, they don't really eliminate or create holes in the cake (because they're hallow), and they're very easy to cut with standard scissors.

I used to use dowels, but regular scissors didn't cut through them well, using a blade was just a pain, and my shears (which I bought just for cutting dowels) broke. In contrast - these straws are so much easier!

What are the other options? Well let's see... there are:
  • Wilton Plastic Dowels (from craft store, cake store or online)
  • Wooden Dowels (from lowes, hardware store)
  • SPS Systems - (like these)
Want to buy some Bubble Tea Straws?? You can buy them here: Bag of Fat Bubble Tea Straws

First and foremost: Know that all the straws (or supports) to go in a layer are to be exactly the same height. This way, the cake layer above it will be resting on a level surface. 
  • Do do this, place a full straw in your cake layer at what looks to be the highest point (although your cake should be iced evenly). 
  • Mark where the straw meets the top of the cake, pull it out and cut it AND the others used in THAT layer to the length indicated by that mark.
How many do you put in each tier?

This is a good chart to reference, found in The Well-Decorated Cake book by Toba Garrett.

How do you put them in each tier?

  • You put a straw in the center of the cake, then the remaining in a circle around the center one. Just push them into your cake after it has been frosted and or covered in fondant. 
  • If you have a large cake, then the 'center straw' will end up being a small centered circle of straws. So you'll end up with a small circle of straws in the center, and a larger one with the remaining support straws further out in the cake.
  • Place a little bit of royal icing over the straws, on the surface of the cake, (to help adhere the next tier).
  • Place the next tier on the one you just prepped. Repeat until you are finished!

NOTE: You will not be putting supports in the top tier as there will be nothing for it to support!

Hope this helps! Happy Baking!


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