Horton Hears A Wha?

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I recently made a Horton-Hears-A-Who Cake for a beautiful little girl who just celebrated her 2nd birthday! The birthday was Dr. Seuss themed so I made cupcakes which carried out the theme as well.

This was the initial sketch:

The plan was to do a mini cake for the birthday girl and cupcakes for the rest of the kiddos. Horton was the favored Suess character so I made a 3-D model of him to sit on top.

How it's made:
Horton's head and body were styrofoam covered in fondant. - This way, the he would not be too heavy for the little cake. I connected the trunk and legs to the rest of his body with the help of lollipop sticks. I kept the lollipop sticks extra long for the legs so that they would also stick down into the cake. I also used bubble tea straws inside the cake, under each foot for extra support.

I used egg whites as the 'glue' for all joining pieces and parts and painted on the illustrative lines with black gel and lemon juice.

Here are the cupcakes that went along with Horton:

(Pictures directly from my phone - I forgot my camera!)

These were rich chocolate cupcakes topped with the powdered sugar frosting from my Recipe Box. The toppers were just gum paste, rolled out thin and cut with a circular cookie cutter. To add the illustration, I just drew on them with edible marker.

All in all, I'm really happy with the way it turned out! I think the kids enjoyed it too. Favorite quote from the day, "That looks just like the one in my book!" ... Makes it all worth it!


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