Look who's on Etsy now...

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Wow guys, it's been a while. I've just been doing some baking bits here and there and I haven't felt like I have had enough to blog about... until now.

I'm psyched to announce, that the CUPCAKE KITS have landed.

That's right friends, Cakes On The Side now has it's own store on Etsy, where you can now purchase your own DIY Cupcake Decorating Kits. 

Everyone likes to have festive baked goods at some point or another but unfortunately, not  everyone has time to create them! SO, with the help of my wonderfully talented, paper-diva friend, we came up with these starter decorating kits. They are such a easy, cute way to make a big impact for a party. 

For more information and more photos, stop by the COTS Etsy shop and take a look around. Give me your feedback - I always like to hear ways what is or isn't working.


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