Call me the liquor lady

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So, I make a lot of beer/liquor cakes, in case you haven't heard. Want to see the latest? Here is a 3-D PBR beer can, simplified in it's detail just a bit, but personalized for the Devin, the birthday  boy.

The label is hand painted on with edible food color gel. The "Pabst Blue Ribbon" lettering is piped on with a very fine tip. The level of detail on every beer or liquor bottle I've done has been dependent upon the client's budget. This cake was only about seven inches tall, maybe four inches around. 

Want to see some more variations on how you can get a booze-inspired cake? Here are some photos from the Alcohol-Themed cake gallery (yes, there is a whole gallery dedicated to my booze-themed treats)...

A beer bottle label hand painted on a standard cake shape.
A partial 3-D bottle, laying flat against a cake board.
A full 3-D bottle. (This one is almost 2 ft. tall!)


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