Pictures, Cakes and The Easy Button

Like This!

See this?

This might as be what I had this week because I found my wedding dress. Remember when I was complaining because I had to start doing wedding-stuff? FOUR DAYS AGO? Yea. That was easy. Thank god. Moving on...

See this?

This is me sharing with you one of my favorite blogs.  Stuff No One Told Me (But I Learned Anyways). I'm a picture person and a 'get to the point' person. So this blog of little life nuggets in visual form is right up my alley. It's witty and poignant. I highly recommend you make it one of your 'ugh-I'm-bored-I-need-a-brain-break' websites to browse.

And now for the cake photos...

A three tiered double-chocolate Dora cake for a 2 year old little girl. Her name is Adalia (isn't that a beautiful name??) Happy Birthday Adalia. I hope you enjoyed it! Here are some more detail shots of the cake. There were 3D characters, 'birthday' elements (i.e. gifts, balloons) and and flower accents. Along with hand-painted scenery. The terra-cotta color is to represent the path throughout Dora's exploration.




Next up... What better cake to get for a 'crazy cat lady' (their words, not mine) than a cake covered in cats?? My favorite part is the ball of yarn spelling out her name. I just love that part.

This will be my last post for a while ladies and gents. I'll be taking a trip to England soon and have no baking plans before that. That is, unless you order your Pumpkin Spice Cheesecakes from me for Thanksgiving!! If you don't, then I won't!



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