Cookies and Cakes and Pies - Oh My!

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Hi friends,

It's currently 8:56 a.m. but it feels like 9:56 a.m. so I'm a little perkier than usual. Thank you Daylight Savings. 

So, there is a lot going on in the COTS kitchen. Firstly, I'm now down to only two jobs. So I have more time for baking. YAY! My other job was seasonal (I am a bev. cart girl at a golf course). It feels SO nice to have a little bit more free time. I was starting to get pretty worn out. 

Secondly, now that I do in fact, have more time, I have to plan my wedding. (Did I mention I'm getting married in June?) So actually, I take back what I said about how it feels so nice to have some free time. I'm not sure which is worse: working three jobs or working two and planning a wedding. Who actually LIKES to do this? Blah. Not me. I mean, I've planned (and can throw) an awesome party in my day, but a WEDDING? So, not my idea of fun. I told my Fiance* I wanted to just 'show up'. He said that role was reserved for him. Figures.

*side note: I think Fiance is a hideous word. To use such a french and fancy word when referring to  Z just feels stupid, but whatevs.

Anyhoo, so to further dilute this whole 'planning' situation I thought I'd share with everyone what all is for SALE in the coming Holiday season.  SO many great things!!

There are the SUPER cute, hand-made COTS cupcake wrappers for FALL. If you are in charge of desserts for Thanksgiving you could just make (or buy) cupcakes and put these  on them to dress them up! They would be great with muffins too.

They are for sale at the COTS Etsy shop, here.

Then, there are the Pumpkin Spice Cheesecakes which I make every Thanksgiving and they're always REALLY popular. I'm actually proud to say that my PS Cheesecakes have become a Thanksgiving Staple at some families homes.

They're 45 dollars worth of Heaven in a slice. Normally, I'd say you have until Thanksgiving day to pick up your order. However, this year I'll be jet-setting off to Europe for Thanksgiving so you only have until the 18th. If you want one for your family's thanksgiving drop me a line ASAP to let me know. E-mail me at

Last but certainly not least... CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!

Each year, I make:
  • sugar cookies
  • peppermint bark brownies (which are TO-DIE for)
  • chocolate covered graham crackers.
For a personal gift idea, a holiday mug filled with packaged sugar cookies are great.

Another option is to get a box of an assortment for a work party or other holiday gathering.

Last year I didn't promote these early enough so I ended up not selling as many and eating way more than I should have. So please, help a girl out. Buy them from me so I don't eat them. I have to start getting fit, remember?? :P

Again, to place an order for any of these or if you just want to say hello, you can e-mail me, Cathleen at!


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