Happy New Year!

Like This!

So far, I gotta say 2011 has been pretty good.  I've got a couple cakes under my belt... a couple new orders in the works and I just finished a cross-country road trip. It was bad. ass.

Here's an interesting fact: 
80% of Americans never leave their state.

WHAT? This is so sad! I had traveled previously... here and there. But, until last week... my knowledge of winter consisted of what Ohio has to offer (...laaamme). After driving through Colorado I realized... I might actually LIKE snow! (Z has yet to know this. I'm holding back from telling him about this realization because I know he will just freak out with "I told you so!"s and "I knew it!"s.

In one week, I was able to drive through the mountains of Colorado, see the red rocks in Utah, the palm trees in California, the desert of New Mexico and the flat lands that are (all of) Kansas. It was an amazing trip and I feel like it should be a requirement of all US Citizens to travel by car and see their country. It. Was. Awesome. Here are some pictures!

First stop: Amarillo Texas with Zach and his brother. We ate at The Big Texan. Zach wasn't feeling well, but it was still AMAZING food. The music was nice, too!
Next stop: NAMM Music Convention in Anaheim, CA. It was the  reason for this trip in the first place.
Next: Vegas, baby. Zach won $80. I lost $20. No... I mean I literally LOST it. I wasn't even gambling. Ugh..that would happen to me...
The following pictures are all on the drive from Nevada to Colorado. This was one day of driving. So much to see!!

CO, baby!
Kansas. Eh... it was pretty. Just a hard pill to swallow... seeing the mountains disappear in the rear view mirror... 

Now, I'm back in OH! Back to reality... It's grey here. Cold. Rainy. :( But this is where my people are, so whatchya goin' do?

Well... I know what I'm going to do: Bake cakes! Stay tuned, friends. Later this week I'll actually post about cakes. :)


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