Life Update: Part I

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Hi long lost cake lovers,

It's me, your horrible-blogger, cake-baking friend. Remember me? I've been crazy busy and too un-motivated to blog about it. But lucky for you, tonight it's just me, an InStyle magazine and some halloween shows so I have time to catch up with you. 

For starters, I've decided to start also including you on my non-cake related moments. It is after all my side gig and I suppose, you can't very well appreciate that if I never talk about the non-side things.

Backing up a few weeks, I wanted to share with you pictures from the Columbus Half Marathon!

My fiance and I ran it (however, not together). It was my second time running it and his first. He only ran it because I bet him he couldn't. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of money and an opportunity for Engagement Photos, but you can read more about our bet here.

It was a fun challenge to do with my future hubs so even though I lost the bet, I'm super proud of him and his now seriously injured knee... and his fat wallet (note to self: I should start suggesting we go out to dinner and 'forgetting' my wallet.) 

Another reason this particular weekend was a success? Between my brother, my sister, my brother-in-law, my fiance and myself, my family ran approx. 104 miles. We're a running family. It's nice. Go us!

What else happened around this time?? Well, I made a cakes of course... 

There was a first birthday celebration for a (future-rock-star, dinosaur-loving) cute little boy. When he and his mom came to pick up the cake, he leaned in to hug me and wouldn't let go! [The mom:] "Do you want to hold him? He's a hugger." [Me:] "Sure :) " [Thinking to myself:] Um, yes! Hello, I'm a girl aren't I??  It was such a cute moment. Here was the cake for the super cute birthday boy:

There was also this pretty wedding cake. 3 tier square cake. A chic, bright salmon color with a pearl-dusted bow.

Honestly, this was my first time making this kind of bow. I'm pretty pleased with the finished product. If you happen to be brainstorming wedding cakes, I vote for a twist on the traditional. Maybe don't make the cake white; maybe don't make it symmetrical. It can still have a clean, formal look to fit with the vibe of your wedding! And it will be a nice visual element. Little changes to the traditional white cake and add a big impact to your reception!

Ok, well I'll leave you with that for now. The Real Housewives are on. (Remember that part where I said, 'Hello? I'm a girl, aren't I?') Well, judge away because I'm watching it. But speaking of Halloween shows, these women and their plastic faces? Very. Scary.  When they laugh, they look a little something like this:

Happy Halloween, friends. Eat treats...


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