Life Update: Part II

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Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I'd love to see pictures or hear about your fun costumes. The future hubs (Z) and I went as matching Tetris pieces. 

You know how each year you see someone in a costume that just seems completely obtrusive and obnoxious? Well this year, it was US! (Z liked it though because it boxed him in and gave him an excuse to talk to less people!)

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE times of year. Unfortunately though, this year... I barely saw it coming! It came up so fast!  I had to get all my 'halloween' in, in one day...

Saturday was my first free day in ages. So, what did I do? Made myself SUPER busy of course! I have a problem - really...

Not only did I have to make the costumes above but I also decided to make cake pops for the first time. I wanted to bring out my inner Bakerella. I took a note from Bakerella's Trick or Treat Pops and made some Mummies. I had a family-fun halloween event to be at later that day so I thought these would be the PERFECT treat to bring. Check out the pictures!

I took them to a party with a bunch of kids and no one touched the cake pops for a while - everyone thought they were lollipops! All it took was one curious little girl to bite into one and realize... it was CAKE! The mummies didn't last long after that.  I actually watched as one kid was begging his mom for a cake pop. She finally realized he had been calling her name for a solid two minutes, turned around, said "yes - go ahead" and the little boy literally jumped up and down and clapped his hands. It was awesome. Thanks Bakerella for the great idea!

In other recent news: my (super-cute and totally-awesome) nephew turned ONE! Whoo-Hoo! So, I made him a cake - naturally. Leading up to his birthday, I'd been imaging some kind of REALLY elaborate cake. I mean, he is MY nephew. His cake has to be the BEST. After having a conversation with his (very logical) parents however, the decision was made to just give him Cheerios. That's all a one-year old wants (and it's not like he's even going to remember it, yada-yada-yada... buzz-kills!

Apparently my nephew has had only ONE goal in recent weeks and that is to stick his whole hand into a BIG BOWL of cheerios. (His mom and dad only give him a few at a time and he's too cool for that). So, for his first cake EVER, I didn't just give him cheerios. I gave my nephew exactly what he's been wanting...

A cake that is a big bowl of cheerios! He immediately put his hand right in it! (YESSSS!)

It really only had cheerios on top that were sitting in royal icing. The rest was cake. But it was a hit! 

Happy Birthday little Will.I.Am!!
Love you!!

Have some awesome halloween photos?? Share your costume and fun treats with other COTS fans by posting a link to your photos below!


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